I don't use honey with the 2013 Riverside Red recipe; it's sweet enough with the oranges. But honey is to individual taste.

Also excellent using Clovelly 2013 Chambourcin - omit the peppercorns. 



Chardonnay perfectly paired with Chicken: Clovelly Regional Chicken Salad Caesar

Try this complimentary recipe/wine pairing from Clovelly:

Marinate slice Chicken breasts in Clovelly Chardonnay and ground chil powder
Whisk olive oil, 3 tsp. garlic power, pepper and oregano and set aside
Grill Chicken sliced chicken set aside
Cube left over Evergrain baguette and heat in oven
Rinse Romaine lettuce (buy local Red Acres Hydroponics!)
Place lettuce in serving bowl with grilled chicken an baguette cubes
Drizzle dressing and top with grated paremesan cheese

The Clovelly 2014 Chardonnay has notes of pine on the nose with hints of fresh grass. The palate has bright notes of lemon and citrus with hints of the traditional butter flavor of Chardonnay.



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