Clovelly Vineyards Bottles its Next Vintage


On March 24, 2015, the bottling truck rolled up to Dodon Winery in Davidsonville, Maryland, where each Clovelly wine is carefully crafted. The team bottled a total of seven wines- over 8,800 bottles! The largely automated process of bottling starts in the tank, where a long hose brings the wine from the tank to the bottling truck. From there, the wine is measured into each bottle, the cork is added, the capsule (sometimes called the foil) tops off the bottle, and finally the labels are applied to each side. At the end, a long line of bottles makes its way down the length of the truck, where they are hand-packed into each case and sent down the line to be stacked and stored. We plan to release three of the new wines in early May, giving time for the compounds which are disturbed by bottling to settle and bring out the best flavors in the wine.

The wines that will be released in 2015 were created from the nine varieties of 100% hand-harvested Clovelly grapes grown on this third-generation farm. Early releases in May include the 2014 vintages of Vidal Blanc and Rosé. The 2013 vintages of these wines won silver medals in the prestigious Maryland Governor’s Cup. For the first time, Traminette will be added to our spring selection. Only 37 cases of this special white wine were bottled, so the 2014 Traminette will have a limited availability. Additional wines will be released throughout the year, culminating in a total of 8 new releases by the end of 2015.

View photos and video of the bottling process on our facebook page and Instagram. We hope you’re as excited as we are for the release of the new wines this May.
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